Life saving information, at the point of care.

DrShop® is Australia’s first Real Time Prescription Monitoring system.

It will empower doctors to compassionately, sensitively and proactively treat prescription medicine addiction and misuse.

  • No cost for MediSecure customers
  • No disruption to workflow
  • Patient and prescriber privacy guaranteed

The Problem


Thousands of Australians are addicted to prescription medicines. Prescription benzodiazepines and opioid analgesics have an important therapeutic role, however they are also highly addictive.

Addiction can take hold quickly and subtly and promote negative, often dangerous drug-seeking behaviours. As a result, some patients will visit multiple doctors to obtain more medicines than are medically required. This is known as doctor shopping.

Currently when a patient presents a problem, doctors must rely on that patient to disclose their prescription history. Patients do not always respond candidly, presenting a dangerous scenario for both parties.

Too many Australians are dying We need a solution

Each year hundreds of Australians die as a result of prescription medication overdose. In Victoria, where the most comprehensive data is available, this number is higher than the road toll.

Prescription drug deaths

Road fatalities

Deaths attributed to diazepam

Deaths attributed to mehtamphetamines

(2014 data sourced from the Victorian Coroner’s Prevention Unit)


This is a national crisis.

Doctors are at the core of the solution

Experts including Victorian Coroners in 19 separate inquests have recommended the deployment of a Real Time Prescription Monitoring system to be implemented at the point of prescribing.

Finally, here it is. The system bringing vital information to the doctor, when it is required.

✓ DrShop is integrated into the latest version of MediSecure.

✓ There is no change to your current prescribing process.

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