America’s prescription medicine addiction and drug overdose: Part II

More Americans now die every year from drug overdose than they do in motor vehicle crashes and the majority of that drug overdose cases fuelled from prescription medicine misuse.

Educating health professionals is key in addressing this prescription drug overdose epidemic. Arguable, early interventions by primary care providers have proven effective in reducing or eliminating substance abuse in people who misuse prescription medicine.

We need a new way to address prescription drug overdose

In addition, educating healthcare providers about prescription medicine misuse will promote awareness of this growing problem among prescribers so they will not over-prescribe the medication necessary to treat minor conditions.

In this video, KCTS 9 and Investigate West report on the alarming increase in prescription-drug overdose as a result of abuse in Washington State caused by overprescribing, the lack of regulation or treatment options, and how this epidemic is affecting teenagers, seniors and middle-class families.

You can watch the video here.

In tackling the issue of overprescribing and prescription drug overdose, the urgent call for prescribing doctors in America to use prescription drug monitoring programs, which are state-run databases that track prescriptions for painkillers and can help to address the issue of overprescribing.

There remains no commitment from the Federal Government in implementing a nationwide real time prescription-monitoring tool to prevent more prescription drug overdose. This is an urgent health epidemic to address and MediSecure is proud to have launched Australia’s first Real Time Prescription Monitoring tool, which allows prescribing doctors to monitor both Schedule 8 and Schedule 4 prescription medicines, particularly those most vulnerable to misuse.

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