Why you need DrShop®

Doctors are in the best position to provide help to patients struggling with addiction. Be part of the solution.

We know doctors are busy professionals and do not have the time to investigate a patient’s medical history during a consultation.

DrShop operates from within your chosen clinical system. It only brings up an alert if a medicine of addiction has been prescribed in the past 90 days.

Completely free – As part of the latest version of MediSecure, Version 3 prescription software, which is free for general practitioners.


Easy to use – No additional installations required for MediSecure customers.

Saves you time – Brings you the information you need to make an informed prescribing decision, meaning more time with your patient and less time on the phone or consulting an external database.


No changes to your workflow – Fully integrated with your chosen clinical software. Alerts come to you and appear within your clinical system. You will prescribe as normal and upon clicking Print, the tool will bring up an alert. If no medicine of addiction is prescribed your process is unaltered.

Respects your privacy – DrShop alerts only include the suburb where a prescription was written and the type of medicine prescribed. This paints a comprehensive prescription history while respecting practitioner privacy.

No interference to prescribing – You are still the expert. DrShop makes no value judgement, it just provides transparency around your patient’s recent prescription history.

Completely secure – Uses the same bank grade encryption as the MediSecure Commonwealth-approved prescription exchange service, to protect all data exchanged between your practice and the system.

Comprehensive medicine listings – Includes Schedule 8 and Schedule 4 benzodiazepines, and other medicines identified by the Victorian Coroner as “dangerous.”

Peace of mind – Prescribe with foresight and minimise the risk of litigation.

A safer practice – When patients know that you have a comprehensive insight into their recent prescription history, they may be less inclined to approach you for medicines that are outside an appropriate treatment regimen.

Help patients at risk and promote healthier communities – When you have access to transparent information and can see a pattern of concern, it may be appropriate to begin a conversation about addiction and offer help or referrals to services that support this.

Join the growing network of prescribers committed to addressing prescription medicine addiction.
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