Misuse of Prescription Medicines in South Asia (Part 2)

According to the UN, after cannabis and heroin, the misuse of pharmaceutical drugs is rising among sub continental drug users because of their easy availability at cheap rates and this is becoming a huge concern.

The misuse of pharmaceutical drugs poses a serious problem for India and South Asian countries because of their availability at low prices. (ref) Codeine-based cough syrups, diazepam and proxyvon are some of the pharmaceutical drugs that are quite popular among addicts.

Further to this, misuse of pharmaceutical drugs is a big concern in the subcontinent as they are produced by pharmaceutical companies in India and Bangladesh.

Prescription Medicine Misuse in South Asia

This is a major concern as pharmacists in India regularly sell prescription drugs without prescriptions. Despite legislative reforms by the Government, prescription drugs from Indian pharmacies are being illegally trafficked out of India to other parts of the world. (ref)

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime argue that many problems regarding prescription drug abuse arise when doctors prescribe highly addictive medicines in too large of dosages, or prescribe these medicines based on inaccurate diagnoses. (ref)

It is evident that prescription medicine misuse is a global epidemic that needs to be urgently addressed. Increased efforts to provide better training for healthcare practitioners, education for the public as well as monitoring a patient’s medication history can help to combat this serious problem.

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