AAPM Conference 2015 Day Two!

MediSecure has been looking forward to the AAPM conference 2015 for some time. We are thrilled to be meeting the people that hold general practice together. At MediSecure, we have the solutions to benefit both your practitioners and practice. Today is the second day of the AAPM conference 2015 and we are eager to speak to practice managers about the importance of prescription monitoring tools for general practice. Oxycodone is now the seventh leading drug prescribed in general practice and this has led to the increase in the rate of accidental deaths linked to prescription opioids in Australia. (ref) In respond to this national health crisis and continuous recommendations by State Coroners, MediSecure has developed Australia’s first Real Time Prescription Monitoring tool, DrShop. To learn more about installing DrShop in your practice, visit us at the APPM conference 2015, MediSecure stand...

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